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Bethesda Softworks is just one of the many publishers shifting gears this fall in an effort to refocus their efforts on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and with that comes a slew of changes. Because of this, we thought it would be appropriate to chat with Pete Hines, Vice President of Marketing and PR about some of the challenges his team is now facing heading into this Fall.

The culmination of many years of listening to you, our fans, developing innovative technology, and partnering with the best game and entertainment partners in the industry has brought us to this point. There is still a lot more work to do, but the teams are making excellent progress and are focused on launch.

One can't help but admit that there's a different feeling in the air amid this year's releases. Sony does have the 1st strike advantage with the initial negative press Microsoft created, but how much will it really matter? Microsoft is hoping to change some of those negative views with their 75 plus city xbox one Tour, which kicks off today in the United States. The tour will give fans a chance to play the xbox one before it goes on sale worldwide. While this has still yet to prove as a great marketing tactic for Microsoft, its a step in the right direction in swaying fan support. Both consoles have sold out in pre-orders, and after November 22nd, the fans will have the final say on who will win the next-gen war of the consoles. Until then, I suggest waiting until anyone declares an outright winner.

The Sony PlayStation Vita is a mobile gaming device with an attitude. Featuring stunning graphics and home console quality games, the Vita is a must have for anyone. The Vita carries a wide variety of games like UnCharted, Call of Duty, and upcoming games like KillZone. The Vita will also have remote play with the upcoming Sony playstation 4, meaning, that you can switch your gaming from the TV seamlessly to the PlayStation Vita without having to purchase a second copy of the game. The PlayStation Vita also has access to the PlayStation Network, allowing purchases of digital games. The Vita is one the top gifts for 2013 for men who love gadgets.

Be fan friendly. Do you really need to charge $4 for a soda or $6 for a burger cooked in a microwave. This isn't an NFL game, it's a video game convention. Set yourself apart from the corporations who are out to gouge its clientele and they'll microsoft xbox one respond in kind.

Think about playing some game collection with your children. Gaming together is a fun and inexpensive way to get in some family time. In addition, it provides you an opportunity to ensure that your children's video games are appropriate for them.

If you get lonely, bored or frustrated at your in-laws this Christmas, then at least you can call someone who cares. You won't even need the proverbial quarter. Anyway, your cell phone will keep you in touch with your family and act as a lifeline when you are about to go nuts! Plus, you can always resort to playing those awful games on the cell phone if no one is answering your calls!

The main question is this, do you want in, or do you want out? Another thought that has been going around is if this next generation will be the last of console gaming. Is this really the end? So many questions and less and less time to think about it playstation 4 before the time is indeed upon us. Where do you stand?

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