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A man bludgeoned and repeatedly stabbed a woman to death and then dumped her decomposing body in a plastic bin on the side of a road where it was found by two children.

Used to be they could draw the guns, but now they are bolted to the holster. Sad reflection on the regression our society has gone through, that a prop must be secured "for the pilot earpiece translator".

If a person genuinely believes that they have not been impaired by alcohol, then go ahead and agree to conduct the tests. If a person can show that they are drunk and can drive competently the police will release them secure communication protocol due to no probable cause.

Much is made about Ricardo Montalban's great physical state in the feature film f1 radio rules explained II: Wrath of Khan, and it's true he was in fantastic shape for his age. However, in this original series episode, his muscular form is actually put to the physical test. Khan engages in several physical combat tests and it's wonderful to witness his prowess. The finale fight with Kirk, while a bit anti-climatic, is one of the most fun physical engagements in all of the series.

But recently that has all changed. Our space program has taken massive cutbacks, our manned shuttle program has been retired and space seems so much further away. That parallels with sci-fi television. There is no leading show focused on space exploration. As our space program has dwindles so have our shows based on starships and space stations. The rise and fall of these shows matching the rise and fall our space program has been such an uncanny parallel that it's almost scary. There are great science fiction shows on right now, such as Falling Skies, and Terra Nove, but they are all based on earth. Now I know that budgets are hard to come by. Space exploration shows require a lot of special effects and big budgets.

The same goes for our relationships. To have good relationships with others, there are some body worn cameras legislation we need to follow. If we fail to follow these, we stress our relationships. People stay away from us like we are from outer space. They do not want to have anything to do with us. There are many people who have failed to follow good ethics and morals that are the most lonely people on the planet. In an effort to fix it, they only make it worse. When we read and follow the directions that build good relationships, it is amazing how well we get along with others.

BREAKING NEWS! Before the new Star Trek movie even hits the screens May 8, Paramount has sealed the deal for a second film. Paramount is so pleased with the new movie it has signed J.J. Abrams to produce the sequel. It isn't clear yet if Abrams with direct also, but Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who wrote the story for the first film, will be joined by "Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof to write the next movie.

Have a picnic or pot luck with family, friends or at church. Invite a senior citizen who may be alone for the day. Memorial Day is a very bittersweet time for seniors. Say a prayer of thanks for this rich and bountiful country of ours.